PoGOEvents is a Scriptable widget that displays current and upcoming Pokemon GO events.

All event data is gathered from from ScrapedDuck, which scrapes LeekDuck.com periodically.



MMM-PokemonGOEvents is a module for MagicMirror² that displays Pokemon GO events.

VR Laser Game


My VR Laser Game project is something I've been working on on-and-off since late 2018. It's a virtual reality puzzle game that makes use of the six degrees of freedom provided by VR to create a unique experience.

I've tried a few times to make the game, with my most successful attempt being my final project to get my Associate's in Computer Science (before moving on to a 4-year college to get my Bachelor's).


My portfolio archive includes old projects that don't necessarily reflect my current abilities, but are still notable enough (or meaningful enough to me) that I still want to feature them in my portfolio.



ScrapedDuck is a project that routinely scrapes LeekDuck.com and pushes the found data to a branch on the repository, to be used by other external applications.



VRSpeed.run is a central hub to view the leaderboards for the largest virtual reality games in speedrunning.

There are a few other projects such as a Twitter and Discord bot along side the website. Check them out at the GitHub organization below.



URBot is a verified Discord bot made for the roleplaying web show URealms.

I stopped maintaining this bot in October 2019, however for now the bot is still active and can be added to new servers.


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