VR Speedrunning Leaderboards

A central hub to view the leaderboards for the largest VR speedgames.

If you'd like to hang out and discuss VR speedrunning, consider joining the VR Speedrunning Discord server!

Only main categories with runs are displayed. If there is a game or category that you believe belongs here, ping me (bigfoot#0001) in the VR Speedrunning Discord server.

In order to minimize the amount of API calls to SRC, some details are hard-coded. If changes are made to games or categories that don't reflect here, ping me and I will fix it.

For the latest VR world records, check out the VR Speedruns Twitter bot!

All the code is open source and available on Github. For this site, check out bigfoott/VRSR and for the bot, check out bigfoott/VRSpeedrunsTwitterBot.

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