The StreamInfo mod is no longer being maintained.

If you're looking for an alternative, I recommend HTTP Status.


StreamInfo is a mod for Beat Saber that allows players to show information about the game in a customizable overlay on their screen for streams or videos.

Install the latest stable build from the mod installer (or ModSaber), or view the latest release on GitHub.


Add the .dll to the Plugins folder of your game and launch the game.

Default settings will be created in UserData/modprefs.ini.


To have a transparent background, use a solid color (black works best imo) and color key it out in OBS.

Option Value Default Description
OverlayEnabled Boolean True Enable or disable the overlay.
RefreshRate Integer (ms) 100 How often the overlay will update, however lower numbers may cause lag.
TextColor Color list White Choose the text color in the overlay.
BackgroundColor Color list Black Choose the background color in the overlay.
UseBackgroundImage Boolean False To set the background image, add "image.png" to UserData/StreamInfo.
AlignX left, right, center Center Choose the direction text aligns for each element (except health).
Input Description
Press L or context menu Toggle locking the elements in the overlay. Click and drag to move them around.
Press R or context menu Press Reload the window. This reloads config settings and will fix any issues with the background image stretching.
Context menu only Reset the positions of all elements to default. (doesn't reset window size)
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