This version of BBot is obsolete. Click here to view BBot v2
Configuring Commands
Many of BBot's commands can be enabled or disabled individually per-server.

To do so, run commands enable <command> or commands disable <command>.

whois whohas server stats roll
battle ascii math tag flair
vkick clean purge
Configure Settings
Certain settings can be modified that change the way BBot acts on your server.

These settings can be changed using settings <setting> <new value>.

Available settings:

Setting Description Default Value
prefix The string (1 to 5 characters) that goes before a command.
Change this if another Discord bot has the same prefix and there are conflicts.
autorole Automatically assign a role to a new user when they join your server.
To enable, set this value to a valid role on your server. To disable, set this value to 'null'.
BBot needs access to certain Discord permissions in order to function properly.

If you do not need this specific command or feature, this permission can be removed.

It is also recommended that you set the role color of the BBot role to #724db5.

If a permission has an asterisk (*), it is an important permission.

Permission Commands/Functions that require it
Send Messages * Allows BBot to respond to commands or post in autoprocesses.
Use External Emojis * Makes specific commands (info, server, etc) look nicer.
Read Messages * Allows BBot to see commands sent by users.
Manage Channels Create and delete a temporary voice channel in vkick.
Embed Links If links are saved in a tag tag, they will be previewed if possible when the tag is called.
Add Reactions Future feature. (Reacting to Bot messages by clicking on reactions.)
Manage Messages Necessary to delete messages in delete, clean, and purge.
Attach Files Future feature. (Attaching images to tag tags.)
Move Members Needed when moving a specified user to the temporary channel with vkick.
Manage Roles Autorole, flair
Create Instant Invite Allows me (bigfoot#0001) to join if there is a severe problem with the bot in that server specifically.
(Unnecessary but recommended.)