This version of BBot is obsolete. Click here to view BBot v2
Normal Commands
These are normal commands that can be run by any user.

Command Usage Description Permissions
help help [command] View all active commands on that server, or learn more about a specific command. All Users
info info View information about BBot. All Users
server server View information about the current Discord server. All Users
whois whois <discord user> View information about a Discord user. All Users
whohas whohas <discord role> View all users who have a specific role. All Users
roll roll [type of die] Generate a random number between 1 and a number. (default = 20) All Users
battle battle <@user> Battle a user! Randomly attack each other until one player stands. All Users
battle stats battle stats [@user] Check a user's Battle stats. All Users
battle leaderboard battle leaderboard Check the top Battle players in your server. All Users
ascii ascii <text> Create ascii art from text. All Users
math math <equation> Evaluate a math equation. All Users
Tag Commands
The tag command allows you to store messages in the bot and call them via a single word. These work similar to "custom commands," but they allow the bot to be more organized and work the same across multiple servers.

Command Usage Description Permissions
tag tag <tag name> Call an existing tag on that server. All Users
tag list tag list View all existing tags on that server. All Users
tag raw tag raw <tag name> View the tag without any formatting. (View what was entered when it was created) All Users
tag create tag create <tag name> <tag message> Create a tag on that server with a name and a message. Mod, Guild Owner
tag delete tag delete <tag name> Delete an existing tag on this server. Mod, Guild Owner
Flair Commands
Flairs are Discord roles that can be self-assigned by the users on your server.
Any role that you assign to a flair can be used by anyone, so be sure not to set any important roles to a flair.

Command Usage Description Permissions
flair list flair list View all existing flairs on this server. All Users
flair check flair check Check what flairs are currently have assigned to you. All Users
flair add flair add <flair name> Assign a flair to yourself. All Users
flair remove flair remove <flair name> Remove a flair from yourself.
All Users
flair create tag create <flair name> <discord role @mention> Create a flair on this server with a name and a discord. Mod, Guild Owner
flair delete tag delete <flair name> Delete an existing flair from this server. Mod, Guild Owner
Stats Commands
The stats command allows you to check in-game stats in Discord. The currently supported games are CS:GO, PUBG, and Fortnite.

Command Usage Description Permissions
stats link stats link <service> <account> Link a service to your Discord account to make stats checking faster.
Available services: steam, epic / epicgames, psn
All Users
stats unlink stats unlink <service> Unlink a service from your Discord account.
Available services: steam, epic / epicgames, psn
All Users
stats csgo stats csgo <Steam account> Check the CS:GO stats of a user. All Users
stats pubg stats pubg <name> <mode> [region] [season] Check the PUBG stats of a user. All Users
stats fortnite stats fortnite <account name> [platform] Check the Fortnite stats of a user
Available platforms: pc, psn, xbl
If your Epic Games account has a space in it, surround your name in quotes.
All Users

When checking your own stats, you can use * instead of your account name if you linked your account with stats link.

Mod Commands
These are commands that can only be used by users who have a Discord role named BBot Mod.

Command Usage Description Permissions
vkick vkick <discord user> Kick a user from a voice channel. Mod, Owner
clean clean Remove recent bot messages and user interactions with the bot in that channel. Mod, Owner
purge purge <discord user> Delete all recent messages created by a user. Mod, Owner
Config Commands
These are commands that server administrators can use to configure BBot to work the best way for your server. Enable or disable commands, specify channels for processes, or do something as simple as set the command prefix.

Command Usage Description Permissions
settings settings <setting> <new value> Modify bot settings for your server.
Available settings: prefix, autorole
auto enable/disable auto enable/disable <process> Enable or disable a process on your server.
Available processes: csgo, meirl, twitch
auto setchannel auto setchannel <process> Set the channel you send the command in to the channel the process should post in.
Available processes: csgo, meirl, twitch
commands commands enable/disable <command> Enable or disable specific commands on your server. Owner
twitch add/remove twitch add/remove <channel> Add or remove a Twitch channel to/from the twitch process on your server. Owner
twitch list twitch list View all twitch channels currently being tracked on your server. Owner
Admin Commands
These are commands that only server administrators can use.

Command Usage Description Permissions
delete delete [count] Delete messages from the current channel. Owner