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About Me

I am a 20 year old computer science major with a love for programming. I started programming in the fall of 2014 using a basic scripting language for Minecraft servers. This then branched out to Java when I realized I could program things outside of Minecraft. Now I mostly focus on C#, however I'd never be where I am if it wasn't for Minecraft.

My love for VR started back in May of 2013, when I saw someone playing Minecraft in VR. Fast-forward to early 2018, when I found out about Beat Saber. I ended up buying a used HTC Vive off one of my teachers in June and have been addicted ever since. I jumped into modding Beat Saber as my first VR dev experience, and eventually started tinkering in Unity. I preordered a Valve Index in May of 2019, and have been tinkering with the hardware ever since.

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Active Projects

VR Puzzle Game

2020 — C#

VR Puzzle Game is a work in progress puzzle game in VR using Unity that I've tried making for a few years. I am currently working on it as my capstone software project.

VR Speedrunning

2019/2020 — C#, HTML/CSS, JS, PHP

VR Speedrunning is a central hub to view the leaderboards for the largest VR speedgames. Along with the website, there is a Twitter bot that posts new world records, and a Discord bot for the VR Speedrunning Discord server.


2019/2020 — C#, HTML/CSS, JS, PHP

BigftioBot is a Twitch chat bot. Features include custom commands, quotes, moderation tools, and more.

Past Projects


2018/2019 — C#, HTML/CSS

URBot is a verified Discord bot made for the roleplaying web show URealms. I stopped maintaining this bot in October 2019, however for now the bot is still active and can be added to new servers.

Talos VR SR Resource

2018/2019 — HTML/CSS, JS

Talos VR Speedrunning Resource is a site that hosts useful strats and tricks for The Talos Principle VR.

BBot V2

2018/2019 — C#

BBot V2 is an open source rewrite of my general purpose Discord bot. It can't be added to public servers, however the source is available on Github.


2018 — C#

FCDisplay was a mod for Beat Saber that added a visual element to the game when the user hasn't missed a note. I stopped maintaining the mod when an official version of this feature was added to the game.


2018 — C#

ImmersiveMode was a mod for Beat Saber that disabled all UI while in a song, either just in-headset, just in the mirror, or both. I stopped maintaining the mod when an official version of this feature was added to the game.


2018 — C#, HTML/CSS

StreamInfo was a mod for Beat Saber that allowed players to display game info as an overlay on their streams or videos.


2017 — C#

BBot is my first real attempt at making a Discord bot. I tried to make smaller versions of this bot previously, however this is the most advanced one I had made at that point.

More on GitHub

I've also made a number of smaller projects, and their sources are available over on my GitHub!