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BBot is the third iteration of a chat bot I've been working on over the past few years.

The first bot, named "BigfootBot" was a Twitch chat bot written with scripts in mIRC. It wasn't a very useful or functional bot, but it introduced me to the idea of creating bots.

The next bot, also named BigfootBot, was a Discord bot written in Java. It shares a few of the features present in BBot, however it only knew how to respond to simple, one word commands. I took a break and focused on game development before returning to the project.

The current version of BBot is written in C#, using the DSharpPlus library. The journey of developing this bot has taught me C#, SQL, and web development, as well as overall improving my knowledge of computer science.


Useful and Fun Commands - Learn more about a Discord user with whois, or roll some dice with roll.

Self-role Manager - Allow users to apply roles to themselves in the form of flairs.

Customized Tags - Create tags with pre-written messages that can be called by anyone.

Game Stats - Track and check user stats in games like CS:GO, PUBG, and Fortnite.

View all available commands and how to use them on the commands page.